• Perpetual Rintagi License (Unlimited Apps, Users, & Features)
  • Unlimited Rintagi Upgrades for Rejuvenation
  • Turnkey SaaS ERP Services(Time Tracking, Billing, A/R, A/P, G/L)*
  • Online Training
  • Community Support
  • Employment & Customer Referral Services
  • Private Cloud with Rintagi Pre-Downloaded
  • Private Cloud Disk-space
  • Private Cloud Memory (RAM)
  • Environments (Development/Test/Production)
  • Live Support (Chat, Email, Phone, etc.)
  • Expert Consultations



  • 90 days
  • 50GB
  • 4GB Dynamic
  • One
  • Sign Up


$ 975 /month billed annually

  • 100GB
  • 4GB Static
  • Unlimited
  • 8x5
  • Quote
  • Sign Up


$ 1,895 /month billed annually

  • 150GB
  • 8GB Static
  • Unlimited
  • 24x7
  • Quote
  • Sign Up
* $500 setup fee and 5% service fee (include reasonable customization) on monthly billing/revenue.


“Subsequent upgrades and ongoing technical support have been provided on time and with a minimum of disruption to our business”

- Conrad Kovacs, Head of Retail Finance, YMAF

"Many modifications and improvements were made as we requested them late in the customization process."

- Grey Nelson, President, Beacon Portfolio Servicing Inc.

“Lin has always attended to our software problems on a timely and efficient basis and has provided valuable assistance in developing new software features”

- John Estruch, President, Banco Central Hispano

I will not hesitate to recommend the highly dedicated staff to anyone requiring the competitive technological edge of today's market place.”

- Louis Huang, Development Officer, Hydro

“The services were exceptional in terms of response time and the "can do" attitude”

- Fauzi Zamir, Partner, University Financial Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rintagi?

  • Rintagi platform is a future-proof platform which specializes in building enterprise-grade mission-critical applications that last with ease and flexibility. We have a full set of enterprise-grade features and security standards to build mission-critical system solutions for some of the largest enterprises across multiple industries.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of building mission-critical applications without writing a single line of code, and expand your applications wherever you wish with your own code.

What is a Rintagi perpetual license?

  • It gives you the rights and access to use the Rintagi Platform forever, with no interruptions.

Can I build applications for free with the perpetual license?

  • Absolutely! There are no limitations on what applications you can build on the Rintagi Platform. It's all free!

Do I have to need a professional/enterprise plan subscription to deploy my applications?

  • If you wish to deploy your applications on other computers/servers, you will have to upgrade to the professional or enterprise plans to take advantage of the unlimited environments.

  • However, if you are planning to do production and deployment on the same machine, you can use the free community plan which offers one environment.

Is the training free? What does it include?

  • Yes, all our cross-functional training videos are entirely free!

  • Our aptitude, analytical and technical training enables you to develop mission-critical systems end-to-end.

  • Analytical training trains you in project management, business and systems analysis, process and data modeling, testing, etc.

  • Technical training includes SQL, C#, Javascript, and Rintagi platform operations.

What are turnkey ERP software services?

  • ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning; a centralized business operation software that integrates many business functions: billing, accounting, HR, etc.

  • Turnkey means it is ready to use right away.

Why do I need turnkey ERP software services?

  • Our fully automated turnkey ERP software services can save you the need of a full-time office manager/ accountant/ administrator.

  • Start and build your business with ease by not having to worry about your back-end.

  • Our turnkey ERP software services boast fully integrated and automated time management, billing and accounting systems suitable for any industry.

  • In addition, accruals and F/X gain/loss are automated plus multi-currencies operations with government compliances, etc.

How frequently are there rejuvenation upgrades for Rintagi?

  • We release updates for Rintagi weekly, if not daily. Whether it be user submitted features, or new market functionalities, you can be at ease knowing that we are supporting you.

  • We have an internal policy to stop everything to fix bugs immediately when they are found so you can have peace of mind building on a bug-free platform.

How do you make it easy for app developers to find and complete a job?

  • We introduce you to entrepreneurs who require your skills as a highly-qualified and capable software developer.

  • All the legalities and billing will be handled by us so you can rest easy knowing that we will make sure that you get paid.

  • We take care of you every step of the way so you don’t have to.

What Operating System Do I Need To Run Rintagi?

  • On-premises Rintagi can only be run on windows machines. If you own a mac and would like to develop using Rintagi, please install Windows on your machine via Bootcamp.