What is a Database Application?

It is a software application that contains database backend and is primarily used to enter, update, and retrieve critical business data.

Database applications are in vital in every line of work.

Database applications built on Rintagi can be run on browsers; giving it the advantage to be used by devices of different sizes, hardware, and operating systems.


  • Line of business solutions (Airline or Hotel Reservations, Warehouse Management, etc)

  • Accounting system

  • HR management system

  • Supply chain management system


  • Line of business solutions

  • ATM system for banks

  • Inventory management system for warehouses

  • Flight reservation system for airlines

What does Mission-Critical mean?

Mission critical systems are essential to the survival of an organization. When a mission-critical system fails or is interrupted, it will make a serious impact on the organization.

For this reason, developing mission-critical systems is a daunting task; it requires aptitude, analytical, and technical skills. We are enabling everyone to be able to build great mission critical systems that last with our cross-functional training and proven future-proof automated platform. Best of all, we can get you there in a week.

Why are database application developers so valuable?

High Impact On Business Functions

Their work involves in building and maintaining a system that impacts the most critical business operations. It entails high significance.

High Demand in Customization

Businesses of various sizes require fully-customized database systems to tailor to their unique operations and requirements.

Highly Specialized Skills

It is hard to find fully-qualified software developers to build such critical systems within time and budget constraints.

What do you want to build today?

Do you want a screen to capture important information?
Do you want a report to output the data?
Do you want a chart or a graph?
Or do you want a two-factors password protected mission-critical application with unlimited levels of authorization for different levels of users, including your customers and vendors?

Rintagi can do it all.