Rintagi’s point-and-click application framework makes it easy for anyone to create and share static pages, data entry screens, forms, reports, charts, views, wizards, documents, and images, etc. You can operate them directly in the cloud or embed them individually onto your websites and intranet. In another words, you can run these applications from any browser, anywhere and at any time; including tablets and mobile devices.

If you know how to use Excel or Access, you can easily become an expert. With just a few clicks, Rintagi™ enables Business Professionals to extract data from Excel spread sheets, Access and many other file formats into a centralized online database and it's just as easy to export data to PDF, Word, Excel, and other systems.

To make it easy we recommend you to follow this Rintagi™ 4D chart below.

Traditionally the development process was “Design -> Develop -> Deploy”. Rintagi™ has simplified and redefine this process by automating the last two steps. All you have to do is Design and Define your business requirements. With one click Rintagi™ will dynamically generate all the required development codes on your behalf. With one more click you can deploy your application to your production site in the cloud or to your private website. It prepares, packages, backups, executes, and notifies stakeholders automatically via email.

The intuitive user interface is straight-forward even for those who have limited database experience. Rintagi™ runs on any Microsoft SQL Server with practically no limitation to the number of tables and records per table. We provide you with dedicated server to assure you that the highest level of performance, privacy, security and adherence to professional standards are being met. All major data types such as unicodes, documents, images and encrypted passwords are supported.

Rintagi™ is an iterative and incremental cloud platform that is extremely robust, scalable and secure. It is so comprehensive that it covers database, security, workflow, business rules and user interface. Rintagi™ generates industry standard code such as .NET C#, HTML, Javascript and SQL stored procedures that runs on native Microsoft .Net platform and SQL database directly, delivering the highest performance with no proprietary application engine required to serve your finished apps.

There is absolutely no Lock-in to vendor or proprietary technology, thus protects your investment and ensures continuity.

With our just-in-time code generation and compilation, our agile platform provides instant feedback on your application changes. When Rintagi™ regenerates, it does not affect the underlying business logics. In fact, 100% of Rintagi™ is built using the Rintagi™4D platform. This patented self-generating technology ensures continuity and agility.

See How the Agile Platform Works:

You can easily configure permissions that would give authorization rights and roles to different users and user groups. This empowers your employees to collaborate internally and externally with companies, projects, customers, vendors, and brokers, etc.

Regardless of early or late changes, our Late-Change-No-Penalty enables changes to be made on the fly and let you validate the results in real-time. Rintagi’s patented architecture preserves existing workflow, business rules while giving you the ability to modify and upgrade your online applications quickly.

Rintagi's One-click Development ensures late changes will not yield any differential penalties in comparison to traditional development processes.

The entire Rintagi™ development cycle is continuous and in all stages you are well supported by our dedicated, experienced and well trained professionals.