Preparation is the key in keeping critical business functions available at all times. Whether it’s your customers, suppliers, regulators, internal staff, and other entities that need access to key functions, business continuity such as service, consistency, and recoverability should always be maintained.

Here are some questions you should consider when thinking about business continuity in your applications:

  • Can your application extend to enterprise using your existing platform technology?
  • Does your enterprise application handle late changes easily?
  • Can you dynamically configure permission (authorization)?
  • Does your mission-critical application rely on a proprietary platform to operate?
  • How damaging would it be if your platform provider goes out of business?

Rintagi™ builds your application on enterprise architecture and enterprise level security. It generates enterprise codes as if seasoned developers wrote it. Other platforms expect a one-time build of your application. Rintagi™ enables you to build your application iteratively and incrementally. Rintagi™ is designed to handle your late changes using point-and-click technology. Our Late-Change-No-Penalty enables continuity by allowing you to adapt and manage your application without worrying about differential costs and delays.

Our Permission Configuration is dynamic and meta-data driven; absolutely no programing is necessary.

Running your application on a proprietary platform is both inefficient and risky. Rintagi™ 4D platform generates industry standard codes for you to run on native Microsoft technology. You do not require the Rintagi™ 4D platform to operate your enterprise applications. There is no lock-in to vendor or proprietary technology, thus protects your investment and ensures continuity.

Our flagship application, built on the Rintagi™ 4D platform ten years ago, is currently managing $3B of assets for financial institutions, and has recently been seamlessly upgraded to latest user interface and technology.

Your application operating in the cloud should give you peace of mind because we provide 24/7 uptime monitoring and performance tuning. In addition to data backups provided by the hosting company, we backup your application and data periodically as part of our disaster recovery plan.