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Welcome to Rintagi User Guide

Rintagi platform is unique in the fact that it is both high productivity and high control, something that no other platforms on the market can offer. High productivity means that a functional application can be built without writing a single line of code, allowing non-technical people to be able to develop great applications. High control means that users can extend applications with no restrictions by adding unique business rules in javascript, C#, SQL, and/or integrate with external APIs – allowing technical users who are more code savvy to be able to customize their applications however they please.

Furthermore, Rintagi platform is futureproof. The platform and the applications it builds are generated from metadata, basically meaning that we are eliminating the tedious process of having to rewrite your code every time new technologies come out or if you want to make deep changes.

If you are stuck at any time, join our community where both users and our support staff will happily answer any questions you may have.