Rintagi Built Applications

Robocoder Corporation has been using Rintagi to develop customized mission-critical systems for reputable financial institutions and other enterprises.

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Structured Finance

Rintagi built systems are currently serving over 90% of the Canadian pass-through securitization market.

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Stakeholder Management

Currently used by over 80 energy giants and mining companies to manage consultation and communication.

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ERP Suite

Automates critical processes and saves the need of a full-time office manager, accountant, and administrator.

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Warehousing & Inventory

This software efficiently manages every stage of the inventory life cycle, and different lines of products.

Our features

Rintagi is a horizontal tool, making it a no-brainer for developers to build mission-critical systems for every industry.

Ultimate Platform

Rintagi generates 99% of the code so developers can focus their energy on coding the 1% unique business rules.

Excellent features

Daily and weekly updates ensures cool and useful functionalities are consisistantly being added.

Fully responsive

Build beautiful applications that run on all devices without writing a single line of code.

Clean code

Our code is constantly audited to be as clean and efficient as possible. No spaghetti code!

Extensive documentation

Our comprehensive documentation makes it easy for any user to follow our code and utilize the software to the fullest.

Simple collaboration

Business people can work in real-time on the same project with developers using Rintagi.



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Assets Managing

Production-ready Applications

These templates are ready-to-use and waiting to be deployed at the click of a button.

ERP Suite

ERP Suite is a fully generated infinitely scalable enterprise resource planning system with the integrated benefits of Rintagi, the low-code development platform to be limitlessly customized and extended at ease.


Key Features:

  • Record Salary Information
  • Generate Payroll (With Statutory Contributions)
  • Generate Payslip
  • Payroll Report

Fixed Asset

Key Features:

  • Asset Import
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Depreciation
  • Active Asset Listing
  • Asset Addition Listing
  • Asset Disposal Listing
  • Continuity Schedule

HR Management

Key Features:

  • Employee Record
  • Time Chart
  • Task Workflow
  • Vacation Plan
  • Task Summary by Employee
  • Cost Analysis Report
  • Performance Statistic Report
  • Upload Policies & Procedures and Organization Chart

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