Build And Deploy Mission-Critical Database Systems In Days, Not Months
Build with Speed.

In seconds

Build functional database applications without writing a single line of code through drag and drop. Extend applications with no restrictions by adding unique business rules in JavaScript, C#, SQL, and/or integrate with external API using industry standard REST/SOAP web services.

Streamline development and spend your valuable time on designing a better system. Our visual drag-and-drop interfaces enables both non-developers and developers to build mission-critical applications with speed, ease, and performance.

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Build apps for all devices. One code-base one design.

Beautiful Interface
Responsive Applications

Beautiful Interface. Responsive Applications. Deliver responsive applications with stunning interfaces that run on all devices without writing a single line of code. Build your custom applications fast.

Rintagi generates its applications in industry-standard code: ReactJS, .NET, C#, Javascript, HTML, CSS and SQL. No lock-in. Build applications with mobile first interfaces and massive scalability – unlimited users, databases, features, and more.

Our one-click deployment makes it easy for you to deploy in the cloud or on-premises. Develop with confidence knowing that your work is secure from development to deployment with enterprise grade security features.

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Application development changes at any level, anytime.

Embrace Changes
No restrictions

Change is fast. With Rintagi's change-on-the-fly technologies, many deep changes on any level can be made on-the-fly; validating results in real-time. Make changes whenever you want, however you want. Software development has never been so easy.

Change at any stage, early or late. At no additional cost. Rintagi dismantles and rebuilds everything, in a second. Make your applications flexible and adaptive to new technologies and features.

Rintagi is a proven self-generating platform. Being extremely robust and flexible, it can adapt to new technologies, major feature changes, and more..

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Unlimited upgrades. All that at no additional cost.

Rejuvenation. Evolve simply.
Unlimited upgrades

Build apps on a future-proof platform that can rapidly respond to the latest technology shifts and adapts to your needs. Just as you can make application development changes with no restrictions, Rintagi platform can do the same.

We rejuvenate Rintagi platform instantly with the latest technology and languages as it comes out. Make your own feature and functionality requests and we will do our best to include it in our weekly Rintagi updates.

When our developers find new cool and useful functionalities, you can be sure it will be included in the next update. Additionally, we have an internal policy to stop everything to fix bugs immediately when they are found so you can have peace of mind building on a bug-free platform.


Take the first step towards developing mission-critical systems that last. Our open-source platform automates the software development process so that business processes can be automated in a fraction of time, labor and money.

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Making it easy for database app developers to build great mission-critical systems that last.

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