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  • How to create my own license for the application I developed using Rintagi ?
  • Rintagi uses Apache 2.0 license for its software.Developers who need their own licensing terms for their application, please visit the website folder of your project root directory to find the license.txt file. Enter you new licensing information and save the file. When the package is created for your application this txt file information will be part of the package which users will need to accept before installing your application.

  • I get the error "Login failed for user xxx" when trying to access the installed application (localhost/rc)?
  • During installation, SQL Server Database Engine is set to either Windows Authentication mode or SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode. After installation, you can change the authentication mode at any time.

    We need to use the SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode . Most likely during installation of the SQL server only the Windows Authentication was selected , instead of the mixed mode.

    You can change this by doing the following steps, To change security authentication mode:
    • Login into Sql Server Management Studio using your Windows Authentication login.
    • In SQL Server Management Studio Object Explorer, right-click the server, and then click Properties.
    • On the Security page, under Server authentication, select the new server authentication mode, and then click OK.
    • In the SQL Server Management Studio dialog box, click OK to acknowledge the requirement to restart SQL Server.
    • In Object Explorer, right-click your server, and then click Restart. If SQL Server Agent is running, it must also be restarted.
  • How do I change Http to Https URL ReWrite?
  • Download the URL Rewrite tool extension

    Add a Blank rule for Inbound Rule Configure Rule settings exactly as follows Solidity logo Solidity logo

    Web.Config Change6 Solidity logo