Help and troubleshooting

  • How to create my own license for the application I developed using Rintagi ?
  • Rintagi uses version 3 of the GNU Affero General Public License or later for its software. Developers who need their own licensing terms for their application, please visit the website folder of your project root directory to find the license.txt file.

    Enter you new licensing information and save the file. When the package is created for your application this txt file information will be part of the package which users will need to accept before installing your application.

  • I did a clone from Github, but I am unable to run the application without the Key.cs file,what should I do?
  • The git clone by itself is not a complete setup, after the clone is done, please follow the below steps

    1. Ensure all the prerequisites are set up properly via the instructions at https://www.rintagi.com/Docs/site/Initial-Setup/index.html
    2. Run the installer https://github.com/Rintagi/Low-Code-Development-Platform/tree/master/DeployExt) to set up the database, etc
    3. The mentioned key.cs is deliberately removed from the git repo to be re-created during the installer process